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Gavin Schrock

Gavin Schrock

Land Surveyor
Consulting Editor for GoGeomatics

Gavin Schrock is consulting editor of GoGeomatics Magazine, a publication focused on the Canadian geomatics sector. Gavin is a practicing, licensed land surveyor, technology writer, and administrator of a cooperative real-time GNSS network. He has worked in surveying, mapping, geodesy. Monitoring, data management, radio navigation, and GIS for over three decades in public works, commercial development, defense, and utilities. He has published in these fields and has taught these subjects at local, state, national, and international conferences.

Maude Pelletier

Owner and President
Balko Technologies

Maude Pelletier is an accomplished professional in the field of geomatics. She has a varied know-how on available technologies and multiple methods of geospatial data capture. With more than 7 years of experience in lidar data acquisition and aerial imagery by drone, she has a unique perception of the digital future of this market, the revolution in technologies and the future direction of geomatics. She is the founder and CEO of two companies working in the field of geomatics: MVT Geo-Solutions Inc., a company specializing in the capture and processing of geospatial data and Balko Technologies, a manufacturing company that develops and builds lidar sensors for drones.

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Jennifer Triana

Jennifer Triana

Director of Business Development

Calvin Klatt, PhD

Director and Chief Geodesist, Canadian Geodetic Survey
Natural Resources Canada


Carina Butterworth

Instructor, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Cassidy Rankine

Cassidy Rankine, PhD

Sr. Account Executive
Panet Labs Geomatics

Dr. Emmanuel Stefanakis

Professor & Head of Geomatics Engineering
University of Calgary 

Jonathan Murphy

Jonathan Murphy

Managing Director
GoGeomatics Canada

Dr. Tim Webster

Research Scientist
NSCC Annapolis Valley Campus
Peter Srajer

Peter Srajer

Chief Scientist
ProStar Geocorp

Dr. Steve Liang

Founder & CTO of SensorUp

Trevor Taylor

Senior Director, Member Success and Development
Open Geospatial Consortium