Expo Goals

The primary goals of the GoGeomatics expo and the co-located career fair are:

  1. Bring the community together for a national annual event and invite the international community to join us.
  2. Engage Canada’s natural resource sector, which utilizes geomatics and location technology services, data, hardware, and personnel.
  3. Provide opportunities for learning, networking, and business development.
  4. Showcase Canada’s geomatics sector expertise and education programs, highlighting the nation’s leadership in the field.
  5. Foster a diverse and inclusive environment, welcoming participants from all backgrounds and promoting equal representation.
  6. Plant the seed for the largest geomatics and geospatial intelligence trade show in Canada, featuring a comprehensive range of exhibitors, technologies, and industry insights.
  7. Highlight and raise awareness of career opportunities for the next generation of highly qualified personnel.
People networking