Workshops & Demos

Calling all Demonstrators! Showcase your technology in front of practitioners, industry influencers, the next generation of highly qualified personal and government decision-makers. Applications for demonstrations close on September 30th- you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Time slots available: 30 min, 45 min, 60 min

There are two spaces available:
1. Demo Zone inside the Expo hall (Theatre 2)
This space is setup in a theatre style with podium, table, and a big screen monitor. Please let us know if you require special equipment in your submission form.

2. Exterior Demo Zone (Parking lot)
The outdoor space is provided close to the entrance of the in the parking lot. This area will be cordoned off for your use.

Ideas for Demonstrations:

  • Take people through a hands on demo of your tools
  • Explain how you solved a problem leveraging geomatics
  • Showcase your latest software or hardware
  • Walkthrough your data or service
  • Present a case study with a client or partner