About the Expo

The GoGeomatics Expo is planned by GoGeomatics Canada in consultation with our industry, academia, association, and media partners. This Geomatics Technology Exposition is distinctive to the North American Geo sector.



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GoGeomatics Expo 2024

Why a Geomatics Expo in Western Canada?

In 2015 Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), conducted research culminating in a report, “The Canadian Geomatics Environmental Scan and Value Study of the geospatial sector in Canada.” This study identified 2,450 private sector firms providing geomatics products and services in Canada, which in 2013 contributed $2.3 billion to Canada’s GDP. That number has only grown.

The core of this geomatics investment is shown to be concentrated most highly in the Canadian Prairies, namely Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, with regional distribution of geomatics employment there at (41%) of the total for Canada.

This makes Western Canada, with Calgary already a powerful drive of western Canada’s economy, and that of the rest of Canada a great choice for Canada’s national Geomatics expo.